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Site Rules

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Site Rules

Post by Kiaralight on Thu Feb 09, 2017 2:17 pm

These are here to make everyone is on the same page of can and cannot be done on the site, I will make it quick and hopefully Painless.

1.) No out of character drama, don't be mean to anyone (no harassing them for replies or criticising ideas ) if you have an issue you aren't sure how to resolve with someone please talk to one of the admins and they will help it is what we are here for.

2.) Romance in RP is allowed (between age appropriate characters ), however don't write out in detail what you wouldn't do in public. Or as a rule of thumb No Cyber Sex. When this move to losing clothes it would be time to fade to black.

3.) You are allowed to create as many character as you want and play them on a single account.

4.) No God Modding, It means when you take control of someone else's character or make your character so ridiculously powerful that no one else can ever get the upper hand. Don't do it, others will get annoyed and then a admin will have to get involved, just don't do it. However If you must God Mode or Power Play for the sake of a thread, please ask the permission of the person with whom you are role playing.

5.) The English you use has to maintain a moderate sense of sophistication. In other words, please refrain from using shortcuts like "btw, u, ur, thnx", etc in role playing (In chat this IS allowed). While posting write in the third person describe what is happening around them what they happen to be thinking if you want others to know. There are many things you can do to make your post look good.

6.) No character is perfect at everything if they are then they are boring and rather annoying to play with. If your character is really good at some things, think about somethings that they might have issues with. (Example: Amy is really nice has lots of friends and is really good at sports, but she is also really lazy when it comes to school work and house work and has to be nagged to do them. John is really smart, good looking and hard worker, but he is also rather judgmental, has a bad temper and has very little patience )

7.) Before you begin Role-playing please fill out the Character Profile first, don't worry it is a fairly easy one I Promise.

8.)Play-bys can be picked from any anime character so there are plenty to chose from.

9.) Have Fun, cause really why are here if not to have fun and escape from Real life for a little bit

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