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Spirit Characters

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Spirit Characters

Post by Kiaralight on Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:14 pm

If you aren't feeling like making the average human character then you can always try a hand at making a spirit character instead. Suggested Spirits to pick from are;

Summery: A powerful fox spirit with nine tails, they have a very mischievous nature. Causing trouble for others brings them amusement. They have powers of illusion, causing their victims to see things that are not true. Some are content with letting their victims go after having their fun with them. Others can be more cruel and not know when to stop their tricks, even if it causes their victims harm. Certain humans with enough magical power are not effected by their tricks they are not amused by these kinda of humans that can stand up to them. Kitsune have 2 forms, their fox form that looks like a normal fox with multiple tails and a humanoid form that still has their fox ears and their tails.

Spirits of Elements
Summary: There are many spirits that can embody an element of nature, they vary in power and personality so go wild and creative in how you want your Elemental Spirit to be.

More to come if you have an idea for a spirit type please post it here.

Important Fact about Spirits: If a Sorcerer can convince them to do battle and manage to defeat them it is possible to seal one into a contract of service.


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