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Clow Card

Canon Characters

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Canon Characters

Post by Kiaralight on Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:04 pm

All Canon characters are available to be claimed and played - Characters name will be scratched out if someone has claimed them. Claiming a Canon character is a little different then making an OC, to Claim a Canon Character Fill out the App we have linked here ( http://trialsofthecardaptor.board-directory.net/t5-canon-character-template ) It is just a basic over view of the character and a Role Play Sample, the Roleplay sample is the important part of the canon claim, it shows us you can write the character well and in character.

Sakura Kinomoto

Age: 10 (currently)
Magical Powers: Aside from her Cardcaptor abilities Sakura has the ability to see the future in her dreams and sense other magical presence, although that ability isn't very strong at the beginning, once her powers are stronger her ability to sense others become stronger then any others.  Her Cardcaptor abilities include having the unique ability to seal the Clow Card back into cards and being able to use previously captured cards to her will.
Personality: Sakura is sweet, energetic, and optimistic about many things in her life. She is very athletic though has clumsy moments quite often. She is known to be naive and rather clueless about somethings mostly regarding herself. But she does have perceptive moments when it comes to her loved ones, she know her brother loves Yukito but she doesn't fully understand it, she also has a huge crush on Yukito as well, since he is always so kind to her and she finds him very cute. She does have a bit of a temper when she is insulted by her brother or if someone she cares about is hurt by another. Most of the time she is incredibly outgoing and manages to make friends with just about anyone. Even those who have been mean to her before. She is also known to procrastinate on things that need doing but are thing she would rather do later, like Homework which she has a habit of waiting till the last possible minute to do. She is also immensely afraid of ghosts
Status: Main Character, Available

Keroberos (Kero), Guardian Beast

Age: 100+
Magical Being: Has the ability to sense the other magical presences, though if a being is more powerful then him interference may be caused. When in his smaller form he can fly but until the Cardcaptor has captured The Firey he no access to his powers. After Firey has been captured however he does have the ability to breath fire. Then after all the cards have been captured he can transform into his true form and use all his powers, he also has limited control over the cards under his jurisdiction. He can produce a magical barrier that can protect himself and others against magical and physical attacks. His ability to  breath fire is more powerful in this form as well.
Personality: Kero is a bossy, demanding, and gluttonous creature by nature he loves to play video games and eat a lot of sweets even though he doesn't really need eat. Kero is as the guardian of the Clow Cards however he happened to take a 30 year nap and this allowed Sakura Kinomoto to release the cards from their seal by accident. Despite all this he does care about Sakura and regards her as a friend, he does his best to guide Sakura in capturing the Clow Cards.
Status: Main Character,  Taken


Syaoran Li

Age: 10 (Currently)
Magical Powers/skills: Is highly skilled in martial arts for a boy his age and is trained in Swordsmanship skills. Has the ability to call upon the power of elemental magic (Fire, water, wind, lightning) without the use of Clow Cards. Can use Clow Cards, though doesn't have the ability to seal them back into card form like Sakura can. He can sense magical presences and can use a magical compass to guide him to them.
Personality: Syaoran has a very serious and cold exterior for most people around him, he is a member of a powerful sorcerer clan in Hong Kong and he takes this very seriously. He is critical of others and tends to put himself in very Socially awkward situations. He does have a soft spot for those he cares about however and tends to let his guard down when around those he knows and trusts. With the exception of Yukito, who has magic linked to the moon which Shaoran also has. He is unknowingly attracted to the magic in Yukito and this comes off as having a strong crush on the teenager.
Status: Main Character, Available


Tomoyo Daidouji

Age: 10 (Currently)
Talents/skills: Tomoyo is very Creatively inclined, She is a talented singer, costume designer, Video Editor and Director. She always does well with school work and is always seen as the model student.
Personality: Tomoyo is best friends with Sakura, she is described as being kind, caring, incredibly intelligent, and beautiful. She is also quite passionate when it comes to Sakura and video taping her magical and non magical adventures. She designs and creates all of Sakura's costumes that she wears to cardcaptor battles. These are entirely for her benefit as making Sakura look cute and awesome on camera brings her great joy. She is very mature for her age and is selfless when it comes to the happiness of her loved ones, she would give up something that makes her happy if it meant her loved one was brought greater happiness. Despite how she appears, Tomoyo is a very private person and never reveals her inner struggles and problems with anyone, this leaves Tomoyo as a bit of a mystery as a girl that seems so perfect has to have some shadows in her life doesn't she?
Status: Main Character, Available

Toya Kinomoto

Age: 17
Magical Powers: Has a strong connection to the spiritual world, he can see and communicate with the spirit of his deceased mother and see other spirits of mystical origin as well. Was born with the ability to interact and disrupt certain levels magic, as well as see through certain spells. He can also sense when Sakura is in danger by a magical threat. In addition he as the ability to read a persons aura and be able to see if they have a benevolent or malicious intent. He also has the Psychometry ability, being able to touch something or someone and being able to see its future. His powers have limits of course and his senses can be blocked or interfered with by a being with more magic than him if they so desire.
Personality: Touya is a shy young man and it takes time to cut through his stoic exterior, but he is not unkind to most people anyway and is regarded as reserved but polite and understanding. He simply doesn't let many people in close enough to be considered his friend, with the exception from Yukito his best friend since in junior high who he has romantic feelings  for but he has yet to confess it to him. He is very protective over Yukito and he can feel there is something special about him. To his sister Sakura his anything be shy, he loves to tease her whenever he can as he gets kick out of riling her up, as it is so easy to do. Even if sometimes it costs him a painful kick in the shin for his amusement. Despite his teasing he cares about Sakura very much, and he is the first to jump to her defense if he feels she is being threatened or in danger of any kind. Touya is a hard worker and is often found to have many jobs, as he plans to pay for his Collage tuition himself to take the pressure of his father. He also shares the chores around the house between his Dad and Sakura, he is good cooking and sewing.
Status: Semi-main Character, Available


Yukito Tsukishiro

Age: 17ish... (is the other form Yue is a creation of Clow Reed, and was created over a hundred years ago, but he has no memory of this)
Magical Powers: None he can use, unlike Kerberos, Yukito is a separate entity of that of his other form Yue and is unable to use any of his magic. Although sometimes during the full moon Yue's magic bleeds out of Yukito and may effect those around him with magical powers. The Clow Cards know Yukito is Yue's other form and actively avoid using their powers and tricks against him.
Personality:Yukito seems to always have a ever present smile on his face and it gives away his kind and gentle nature. He loves food and is always eating huge meals more then anyone would think for a young man as skinny as he is. Like Touya he is athletic and a model student at their school, he is considered soft spoken but friendly to everyone, even though he doesn't really have any other close friends other then Touya. He has feelings for Touya but he has yet to confess them. He cares about Sakura, Touya's little sister, he views her as a little sister he never had and doesn't quite get how Touya can tease her as often as he does. He is aware of Sakura's crush on him, but he can't bring himself to hurt her by rejection so he treats her as a friend with kindness. He gives her help whenever he is able to and it make him happy to see her happy. He finds himself very lucky to be just about adopted by the Kinomoto household, since he is always welcome over for dinner which of course means a lot to him.
Status: Semi-main Character, Available

More Canon Characters, such as Meiling Li, Yue, Eriol Hiiragizawa, Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun are coming soon.. or Sooner if the someone wishes to claim with a plot them now? With the exception of Yue he can't enter the story until all the cards are captured again.

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