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Clow Card

The Story and Plots to Come

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The Story and Plots to Come

Post by Kiaralight on Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:43 pm

So far the story starts out just as the Anime had Sakura is the one destined to open the Book of Clow and be named Cardcaptor. But this is where things can change and what ifs can blow the canon universe apart.

Once the book of Clow was opened and the powerful cards were released more then just the Li family from Hong Kong took notice. What if there were sorcerers with a more malicious intent, taking the cards for their own power and caring little of kids seemingly still in training got in the way?

Or perhaps powerful spirits came to Tomoeda, attracted with the power of the Clow cards as well and started causing havoc?

Then with powerful enemies could perhaps some powerful allies can follow.

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