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Clow Card

Magical Powers

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Magical Powers

Post by Kiaralight on Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:45 pm

These are suggestions for building a character with magical abilities if you are having problems thinking of ones you really want for your character.

Astral Projection: The ability to have your spirit leave its body and be able to return again.

Clairvoyance: The ability to have visions of the future,

Psychometry: Being able to have visions of a objects past and future by touching it.

Empathy: An ability to feel or sense what another person is feeling.

Levitation: Ability to Float or fly without the aid of wings or object.

Time Manipulation: Having the ability to stop, slow down, or reverse time for a limited amount (Note this ability take a lot of magical power to do)

Telepathy: Being able to read other Peoples minds

Magic Energy/Power: With a object like a staff or wand and being able to produce powerful bursts of raw energy out of it to injure of push an opponent back. Or using raw magic as shield to protect you and others.

Magical Runes and Incantations: Writing out spells and saying their incantation while being infused with magic can have very powerful effects if one is knowledgeable enough. This method is very advanced powerful magic and has to to be learned. After mastery one can cross dimensions, conjure things, enchant existing items to do something later.. the options are nearly limitless.

Sealing: Like the ability to seal away the clow cards, this applies to spirits that are not created by Clow, though the process is similar the spirit either has to be willing, or is defeated in a battle before it can be sealed away.

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