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Sayuri the Kitsune (WIP)

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Sayuri the Kitsune (WIP)

Post by Kiaralight on Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:55 pm

Spirit Type: Kitsume
Age: Fairly young for a spirit, she came into being a few hundred years ago.
Powers: Can make most humans see things that aren't real, weather they see their worst memory or worst fear whatever she thinks will get her the most amusement. She make herself invisible or visible to humans if she wishes, she also possesses strong healing powers.
Faceclaim Picture:

Who are you
Personality: Like most Kitsune she is very mischievous and likes to cause trouble for her own amusement among mortals. Though she finds humans fassinating, she usually pesters certain souls cause she is curious about them she finds how they react to her amusing. She isn't likely to really hurt anyone, humans are her playthings, if she is involved with them she is more likely to protect them from physical harm then anything.
History: (Describe in paragraph or point form the events that happened in your characters life that made them who they are now.)
Faceclaim: (Name of the character your are claiming and the name of the Anime they are from )
Strengths: (What are your characters Strengths? Athletic, Super Smart, Hard worker, A leader.. ect.. )
Flaws:(what are your characters flaws, things that make them "human" you know? They procrastinate on things, maybe they whine a lot, or they are selfish, have a bad temper, or react poorly to stress ect.. )

Family and Friends Tree
Friends: (Does your character have friends in the RP already? Or are you new and don't know anyone yet? tell us here)

Misc Things (Optional stuff)
Character Theme song: (A song your character really likes and thinks is their theme song in life) Cause why not?
Character Secrets:(What Secrets does your character have? That you are willing to share?)
Character Goal: (Does your character have a specific goal in mind? what is their end game? Or are they just along for the ride?)
One thing about you OOC: Cause why not?

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