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Clow Card

Li Xuan Wu

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Li Xuan Wu

Post by Stretchyfan on Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:54 pm

Name: Li Xuanwu
Age: 10/11?
Magical Powers: (if applicable, If they do have powers describe what they are )
Play By Picture:

Who are you
Personality: 'Forgetful' in a sense where he does provide useful information at times; Annoying to the point he could be on the same level as Kero or somewhat of a lesser level. Ditz at times like trying to figure out new types of technology or anything new , Serious when things do in fact get serious and would need to put focus on that, Brotherly/Protective towards those in his 'family' and his friends in a sense. Playful on times of relaxation and usually for fun moments, Lazy/Lax when there is nothing to do or is rather bored in a sense which can be a problem sometimes. Prideful in his abilities and his trust on those with their own set of abilities as well.
History: (Describe in paragraph or point form the events that happened in your characters life that made them who they are now.)
Faceclaim: (Tian-Ren from Rabbit(Arcade) )
Strengths: (Extremely well-rounded, excellent memory, has experience, supportive/protective, super athletic, great at magic,)
Flaws:(Forgetful, Ditz, Lazy, Trickster, Flirts,)

Family and Friends Tree
Family: Claims to be 'related' to the Li family. But how is a bigger mystery.
Friends: No friends at the moment, but hopes to get some at some point.

Misc Things (Optional stuff)
Character Theme song: (None ATM)
Character Secrets: Is really BAD with technology, Has impressive intelligence, Will protect his crush, despite knowing the issues with himself.
Character Goal: To help and support the current members of the Li family and Clow Reed associations.
One thing about you OOC: I like random sounds lol.

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Re: Li Xuan Wu

Post by Stretchyfan on Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:37 pm

Is he alright at the moment?

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